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Design Solutions

Not many materials can compare to glulam when it comes to creating different types of architectural and constructive expressions. Below are some examples of different standard solutions for junction connections and fittings.

Corrosion protection, etc.

 The material for brackets and fixings should have corrosion protection adapted to the actual corrosive class - typically at least the equivalent of galvanized steel with zinc coating ≥ 55  µm (micrometer).

Hinged fixings transmit horizontal and vertical forces but not momentum. Any fixings that can transmit torque must be clamped.

In addition to standard solutions, new fittings and fixtures for glulam structures are constantly evolving. Different requirements are demanding new solutions. Recessed fittings have many advantages compared to externally lying fittings, such as improved fire resistance.

Connection Point of a Truss Structure

Dowel Joints with Slotted Plate

Nailing plates

Roof Ridge Bracket

Fork Anchor


Post Anchor

Angle Bracket

Nail Plate Angle Bracket

Joist Hanger with Outward Folding Tabs

Gerber Fittings

Nailing Plate for Column Foot

Steel Plate for Column Foot

Steel Angle for Column Foot

Post Shoe with L or U profile on the Column Foot

Nailing Plates at the Top Panel

Flat Bars at the Top Panel

Inserted Plates at the Top Panel

Recessed Beam and Angled Plates at the Top Panel


Recessed Beam and Angled Plates at the Top Panel

Articulated Ridge Seam Nailing Plate

Articulated Beam Jointed with Nailing Plates

Welded Gerber Fittings

Standard Gerber Fittings

Ridge Attachment

Standard Joist Hangers and Welded Joist Hangers

Strap Attachment

A strap attachment transmits only horizontal tensile forces on the glulam beam. The strap consists usually of two or more steel bars. For small tensile forces the band can be made from glulam. The attachment is normally designed so that the pulling forces draw so close to the intersection of the glulam beams and pillar lines as possible.

Steel Strap

Glulam Strap

How can we help you?

How can we help you?