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Advantages of Glulam

Glulam is usually known as the new steel, mostly because of its moldability and high strength properties. Aside from the fact that glulam creates opportunities for architects, contractors and hobby carpenters to create small and large constructions, it is also a sustainable choice for the future.

Ten Strong Reasons to choose Glulam

starkt Strong – In relation to its weight, glulam is one of the strongest construction materials.
Förnybart Renewable – The raw material is renewable. Glulam can be reused or recycled.
vackert Beautiful – Glulam is an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally creative product.
energisnålt Energy Efficient – The energy consumption used in the production of glulam is very small, compared with other construction materials.
beständigt Resistant – Glulam withstands aggressive environments better than many other construction materials.
formbart Flexible – Glulam can be made into virtually any shape. 
formstabilt Stabile – Glulam does not twist or bend.
brandstabilt Fire Resistant – Glulam withstands fire better than many other construction materials.
prisvärt Value for Money – The total cost of a glulam construction is often lower than it would be with other construction materials.
test Easy to Work With – Simple hand tools or machine tools can be used when working with glulam.

Glulam is the Material of the Future

Glulam sets no limits for wood construction technicians’ possibilities.

Tips on what you can build with glulam

Glulam is both strong and rigid due to the layering process.

In relation to its weight, glulam is one of the strongest construction materials. This means that glulam beams can be used over larger distances. More about strength

Architects, designers and users have great opportunities to create their own shapes with glulam, whether that be constructing a house, a roof of a public building or a wooden bridge. Advice for architects

Glulam is a structural material that optimizes the technical characteristics of the renewable raw material - wood. Here are some construction tips

Glulam's elements are made up of individual layers of structural timber and provide an effective use of material.

The layers are finger-jointed to produce long lengths and are then glued together to create the desired dimension. This is how we produce Setra glulam