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Working Wood - Back issues

Issue 2 2022

Come along to Båtsfjord in Norway, where the world's northernmost school in mass timber is emerging. Get valuable tips about circularity in construction and learn what parts of nature are left behind when we harvest forests in Sweden. Also – what do the experts say about the future of modern wood construction? Read more


Issue 1 2022

Visit the pioneering high-rise building HoHo in Vienna and meet the Swede who is working to revolutionise wood construction in the USA. How are today's seedlings adapted to deliver sound and durable wood in the future? And what is the secret behind Sweden's first climate-neutral house? Find all the answers here. Read more


Issue 2 2021

Sweden’s first FSC®-labeled building takes us high above the treetops. Meet researcher Tomas Nord, who investigates whether wood used indoors makes us feel as good as spending time in the forest. Sustainable fuel for the future is developed from sawdust in a groundbreaking new plant and outside Stockholm. Read more


Issue 1 2021

Visit the 13-storey residential area Cederhusen in Stockholm, which will be one of the largest climate-smart wooden housing blocks in the world. Meet the leading architect Rahel Belatchew in a personal interview. We take a closer look at the Olympic arenas in Japan, where wood plays a major role.
Read more


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