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Setra's aim is to contribute to deforestation with the lowest possible environmental impact and minimum amount of damage to the remaining trees. Below you can gain access to our FSC and PEFC certificates.

Certification FSC® and PEFC

There are two systems for certification of forests and forest products - PEFC and FSC®. These are not interchangeable and Setra is certified to both systems.

All raw material sourced by Setra Wood Products for our production is certified according to either FSC or PEFC.

Declarations of Performance

We are required under the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 to provide Declarations of Performance (DoP) for any construction products which are covered by a Harmonised European Standard (hEN) or conform to a European Technical Assessment (ETA).

In this section, you can find copies of our DoPs for our softwood flooring and cladding products.

Timber Trade Federation - Responsible Timber Purchaser

Setra Wood Products Ltd is actively participating in the TTF Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) programme to ensure continuous improvement of its timber purchasing practices.

Forest Declaration of Origin

In the PEFC standard for Chain of Custody it is required that businesses have knowledge of the origin of the raw material and the tree species used in production.

The sawn and processed wood products from Setra sawmills has the following origin.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?