Decking Components

Produced from high quality redwood and UC3u pressure-treated for increased durability. The perfect way to enhance and complete any decking project.


Nom. Thickness (mm)   Nom. Width (mm)
  Profile 41 68 70 83 93 115


Reversible Hand/Base Rail H     X      
33 Base Rail     X      
41 Turned Spindles X          
41 Stop Chamfered Spindles X          
41 Blank Spindles - Eased Corners H X          
44 Hand/Base Rail inc Fillet   X        
83 Weathered Top Deck Post       X    
83 Turned Deck Post inc Ball Cap       X    
93 Blank Spindles - Eased Corners         X  
115 Newel Cap           X

Rev. Hand/Base Rail

Hand/Base Rail inc Fillet

Base Rail

Newel Cap

Turned Deck Post inc Ball Cap

Weathered Top Deck Post

Blank Spindles - Eased Corners

Stop Chamfered Spindles

Turned Spindles

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