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Subject to the constraints imposed by its financial and technical resources, Setra Wood Products Ltd conducts its operations in such a way that the impact on the environment is minimized.

Wood, our key raw material, is a renewable and eco-cycle compliant resource. The procurement of forestry products from companies that source their timber from environmentally managed forests is a key element of Setra Wood Products Ltd’s policy.

In adherence to its ‘Environmental Policy’ Setra Wood Products Ltd will:

  • Within the framework of its management system, establish and follow up tangible environmental targets for its operations.
  • Comply with laws and other relevant requirements relating to the environment that concern its business.
  • Procure timber raw material from suppliers with PEFC or FSC® certification.
  • Assess criteria ahead of the purchase of goods and services for their impact on the external and working environment.
  • Influence suppliers and other partners so that they contribute to compliance with Setra Wood Products’ environmental policy.
  • Ensure that all employees have the competence and resources to enable compliance with the requirements and intentions of the environmental policy.
  • Communicate with employees, customers and other stakeholders in an open and objective manner on matters concerning the environment.

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