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Strengthening and empowering a corporate culture based on shared values is an important factor for increasing Setra's competitiveness. Our long-term work to develop a high-performance value-driven organization continues.

Commitment, Innovation and Responsibility

For Setra our values, commitment, innovation and responsibility are the guide for employee empowerment. Valuations and appraisals should be part of our everyday work. They help us to think and make the right choices, together as an organisation and individually. Our behavior has a crucial role both for our businesses success and in creating a sustainable and pleasant workplace. The most important tools in the effort to develop a value driven organization are a daily dialogue, feedback on behaviors and what our values mean in practice.

We Focus on Leadership Development

As role models, Setra's leaders have a particularly important task in developing a value based organisation. Since Setra's strategic focus on leadership development began in 2012, around 150 leaders have completed the internal management development program and were given the tools to develop in their leadership roles. They were also given the opportunity to build internal networks.

Increased Demand for Skills

Technological development, market requirements and new working methods increases the demand for skills, which need to be considered when recruiting new staff. We want to be an attractive employer for both existing and future employees. Setra collaborates with various universities, regularly participates in job fairs at universities and offers internships and thesis projects at the company.

We Want More Women

We have undertaken a long-term goal to increase the number of women working at Setra. The company sees every recruitment opportunity as a chance to get more women into the organization. In 2016, six directors were recruited, one of which was a woman.

Setra's employee survey ‘SetraRingen’, which was last conducted in the spring of 2017, showed among other things that the motivation is increasing within the company, as well as the confidence in managers and leaders.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?