Setra Whistleblowing Channel

Setra Whistleblowing Channel

Setra has an external whistleblower function for anonymous reporting of events, both in Swedish operations and abroad.

Ensuring our employees work in a safe, fair, and transparent environment is important to us. We encourage anyone to speak up if they suspect wrongful activity or misconduct at any of the Setra units. We also want you to feel comfortable to file a report and know it will be taken seriously.

Setra has therefore introduced a new online whistleblowing channel, Whistlelink. Whistlelink is a safe and secure whistleblowing system that allows you to report suspected wrongdoing, easily and anonymously.

Accessing the whistleblowing system is easy. Via the link you will find all the relevant information about how to submit a report and how it will be handled.

To make a report, click on Leave report here, and fill out the report form.
It’s up to you how much information you wish to supply. There’s no obligation to provide any personal information and you remain anonymous throughout the entire process, unless otherwise agreed.

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How your report is handled

All incoming cases are handled promptly by the company Whistleblowing Solutions AB (Whistlelink), acting as an independent external agent for Setra´s whistleblowing function.

Whistleblowing Solutions conducts an initial assessment of the case to determine whether it qualifies to be handled by the whistleblowing function.

Use your verification code to submit further information or view progress of the case. We will confirm acknowledgement of your report within seven days and provide feedback within 90 days.

Everyone who works at Setra can appear in a report. Either as a whistleblower, as a witness or exposed. We want to point out again that you remain anonymous when you are the person submitting the report, unless otherwise agreed.

Thank you for your continued hard work and support in helping Setra be a safe and enjoyable place to work.

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