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Working Environment

Workplace environment issues are a priority for us at Setra. Investments in perimeter protection, education and employee wellness initiatives are some of the key elements in our work to create a good and safe working environment.

Setra's Vision for Zero Accidents

Setra has a vision for zero accidents at work. That no one should have to hurt themselves in their workplace is a given. A good safety culture based on knowledge, is an essential prerequisite for reducing accidents. We have set an interim target towards this zero vision, which means that the number of work accidents resulting in sick leave per 100 full-time employees should be below 1.0 by 2020. For 2016, this was 2.9. Slips, crushing and cutting incidents alongside falling or flying objects were the most common causes of workplace accidents with sick leave.

Occupational Health and Safety Responsibility

Setra's CEO’s working responsibilities are delegated to the local site managers. Each plant has its own health and safety officer and its own safety committee led by the site manager. The company formed a group wide Work Environment Council, headed by Setra's Environmental Manager, to support the local work environment. The Safety Officer, production staff and Setra's HR department form the Council, which works mainly with communication, training and safety issues. We also have a workplace environmental management system. Each unit sets goals for the working environment and creates instructions for hazardous situations. Each year a review is carried out, where new laws and other news is discussed. 

We Invest in Safety

In recent years, major investments have been made to the perimeter, ie gates and sensor guards which turn the power off if someone gets too close to moving machinery. Since 2014, all of Setra's units saw lines and trimming facilities are fitted with perimeter security. Through SIA, the sawmill industry’s system for occupational injury reporting, sawmills and processing units continuously register work accidents and incidents. To identify and prevent risks is central in a systematic working environment practice. 

We Focus on Education

Education and communication about the risks and potential risks is important in our work to develop a good health safety in the workplace. From 2015 Setra introduced a requirement that all contractors working on Setra's facilities must have completed the safety training SSG Entré. Setra has also further developed its internal training concept where SSG's security license is the basis of this training.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?