Yu Nakashima, Purchasing Manager at Meiken, which produces glulam that is used both internally and externally in load-bearing wooden structures.

"The close relationship we have with Setra is the most important part"

Meiken is the largest glulam producer in Japan, and in 2017 they also expanded into cross-laminated timber. Here, Purchasing Manager Yu Nakashima explains why they chose Setra as a supplier - and what is required for the collaboration to work despite the long distance.

“Setra has the capacity and systems to deliver logs of the length that the Japanese market demands. The goods are of consistently high quality and we communicate well. But perhaps most important of all is the close relationship we have with Setra.”

It is a very long transport route…

“We’ve been using wood from Europe since the early 1990s. Before then, our raw materials came mainly from North America, but then we realised that European companies offered much better quality in terms of the raw material and the capacity to manage the logistics.

It takes up to two months for the goods to be shipped here, so it’s very important that the products we need are in constant production and that good contact is maintained with the shipping companies.”


How does Setra live up to expectations?

“Very, very well! The main difference between Setra and other suppliers is that you deliver exactly the length we want, you rarely have any production problems and, thanks to good logistics, we get a constant flow of deliveries.”

Text: Anna Matzinger
Photo: Meiken

Published: 2021-01-22

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