Setra Rolfs to streamline

Setra is to invest SEK 15 million in productivity enhancing measures at the Setra Rolfs sawmill in Kalix in northern Sweden. At the same time, the production focus will be specialised and adapted to market demands which will result in a lower processing volume and a transition to single shift working. 

In order to develop operations and strengthen competitiveness, Setra is carrying out productivity enhancing investments of approximately SEK 15 million at the Rolfs sawmill in Kalix. At the same time, production will be adapted to the market, resulting among other things in a lower processing volume than previously.

The new production focus means a lower total production volume, primarily of processed products, where the future emphasis will be on a more specialised range of pressure-treated and finger-jointed products. In organisational terms the planned change means that 23 of the total of 63 positions will be affected when the operations are transferred to single shift working. Negotiations under the Co-determination at Work Act (MBL) will be initiated.

Setra Group has a total of nine sawmills, three processing units and two modular building factories. Setra Rolfs is an integrated sawmill, which means the unit both saws and further processes wood products including planing, finger jointing and pressure treatment. Setra Rolfs, which is located in the municipality of Kalix in northern Sweden, mainly saws pine and had a production volume of 82,000 cubic metres in 2014.  

For further information, please contact:

Jonas Björnståhl, Production Director
telephone +46 26 14 78 76, mobile +46 761 38 58 43

Hans Liljeström, Manager Setra Rolfs
telephone +46 26 14 78 74, mobile: +46 702 00 05 07


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