Setra invests in CLT factory in Långshyttan

Wood products company Setra is investing in a CLT factory in Långshyttan. The investment aims to meet the great demand for CLT, above all in the Swedish, Norwegian and UK markets. CLT stands for cross-laminated timber, a technique that is growing strongly and is in demand for building everything from apartment blocks to industrial properties.  

Wood products company Setra is investing in a new factory for CLT in Långshyttan. CLT is a technique appropriate for constructions that require a high degree of strength and bearing capacity while being fire-resistant and relatively light. It also has major environmental advantages, as wood is a renewable material.

   “We’re now taking the next step towards Setra becoming a wood products company with a high processing capacity. New technology combined with greater awareness of wood being part of the solution to the climate change problem means that demand for CLT is huge. The investment makes it possible for us to improve our long-term competitiveness through a well-developed offering for construction customers,” says Hannele Arvonen, President and CEO of Setra Group.

Setra recently announced that it has purchased an industrial property in Långshyttan, where the company will build a component factory. Production will begin in the autumn of 2018. The next step of industrial production is now being initiated through the CLT investment in Långshyttan. Setra’s facility for glulam production has also been located in Långshyttan for quite some time.

   “CLT is the material of the future, and we’re seeing great interest from our customers. Demand is increasing, and Setra has precisely the right conditions to occupy a leading position in the market. The latest investments Setra is making in component and CLT manufacture enable us to create a new wood products centre in Långshyttan while further developing our existing glulam production,” says Olle Berg, Marketing Director at Setra.

The raw material for the new CLT factory will be taken from Setra’s own sawmills in Bergslagen and is perfect for this type of industry. Production volume for the CLT factory will be around 55 000 m3 in two shifts.
The CLT factory in Långshyttan is due to be commissioned in the first half of 2020.

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