Setra supplies timber frames for Cederhusen

Wood products company Setra is supplying the timber frames for Folkhem’s housing development Cederhusen in Stockholm. With Setra’s crosslam factory now up and running, Stockholm and Mälardalen have access to locally produced building solutions in wood.

Setra is supplying the cross-laminated timber frames for Cederhusen, Sweden’s largest housing development in mass timber. This will be Setra’s first major delivery of crosslam structural panels from its brand new factory in Långshyttan, around two hours from Stockholm.

   “It’s fantastic to have been entrusted with supplying such a large and interesting project with such a clear environmental profile. The whole Cederhusen concept makes an excellent fit with our values, and it’s a good example of how the construction industry is starting to turn to timber,” says Daniel Halvarsson, Setra’s EVP Building solutions and Components.

   “Seeing our work on strategic investments for climate-smart products come to fruition is incredibly satisfying,” says Olle Berg, EVP Market and Business Development at Setra. 

Cederhusen is being built above the tunnels for the E4/E20 motorway, thus connecting Stockholm and Solna. The project, Stockholm’s first inner city district in wood, comprises four apartment blocks rising up 10–13 floors, with crosslam walls, shafts and floor structures making up the structural frame.

When Veidekke Entreprenad, the sole contractor for the first neighbourhood in the project, was looking for a frame supplier, they chose Setra based on a combination of price, low environmental impact and high service level.
   “A range of factors led us to opt for Setra as our supplier of the crosslam frames. Transport is an important factor for reducing the overall environmental impact, along with energy-efficient manufacture and a high degree of prefabrication. Setra also has solid experience in wood production, and it shows everywhere in the construction of the new factory for crosslam elements,” comments David Grimheden, Regional Manager Wood Buildings at Veidekke Entreprenad.

Anna Ervast Öberg is responsible for project development for Cederhusen.
   “Cederhusen is the biggest and most complex project in Folkhem’s portfolio of just over ten amazing wood construction projects that we’re developing. The site is unusual because of its location in the middle of the city and above road tunnels. Folkhem only builds residences in wood anyway, but it has also been confirmed as the best choice for the site on the grounds of low weight.”

For further information, please contact:

Daniel Halvarsson, EVP Building solutions and Components Setra,

daniel.halvarsson@setragroup.com, +46 730 978 106, or Anna-Lena Gull, VP Marketing Manager Building Solutions Setra, anna-lena.gull@setragroup.com, +46 722 388 332.

Illustrations: Sébastien Berthier, General Architecture
Architects: John Billberg och Josef Eder, General Architecture

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